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March 2017 and Bitcoin is where my journey with crypto started. I’d always kept this to myself. My family knew, but didn’t believe in the same power of the financial market reset like I did. Michelle, “you’re wasting your money, it’s never going to happen” my Grandpa Pfeifer and my mom believed, but that was seriously it 😅

My journey in trading has NEVER been easy. It started with stocks while in college. BUT I HATED STOCKS. Felt so controlled, so manipulated, so outdated. I lost more than I ever made.
With crypto, everything changed. Countless hours, that turn into weeks, that evolve into years of learning (which I’m still working so hard at every day)…. It wasn’t reading chart language that changed me. It was finding like minded people, higher intelligent vibes, and people who put in work for awareness. No one is paying us to do this. Just Like minded, awesome a$$ nerds, if you will.
We all started because we felt there was another way of life.
XRP is where things took a turn for me. Lots of rabbit holes, LOTS of personal growth. Mind, body, and spirit. I found a community of people, mostly humanitarians, that showed me the “flip side” of what this global market is about. My education took a skyrocket, and I started forming my own theories. I woke up.
Following the “pandemic” and experiencing what I went through… I decided In February 2021 to resign from a National Broker Job, to put in the work to make all my dreams come to life. I work for myself, I live for myself. To build an awareness, that this market is very real, and here to stay.
No regrets. I love what I do. I love helping people. I love spreading awareness. I love this world, this community!
I had no idea I’d launch my own brand out of this, but the Timeless Collection is here!
Cheers to Catwoman Crypto, Launching August 11th, 2021. 11 Designs, 51 Products 💥

Thank you everyone for all your engagement, Support, and all my new crypto friends 🐐❤️




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